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Terms and Conditions
***Article 1 / Definitions*** * Registration: completing the required fields online, including accepting the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement. * Terms and conditions: these terms and conditions. * Service: The provision of a platform by Gayz247 on which Users can start a space with regard to their hobby or interest, or become a member of existing spaces. Through this platform, Gayz247 facilitates the process of setting up and managing spaces and joining them. * E-mail address: a unique address made available in the name of User, with which electronic messages can be exchanged. Entering the email address in combination with a password entitles you to use the Service. * Space: A separate group of Users (at least 1) around a hobby or interest. * User: the legal entity with whom the Service Agreement is concluded. * Nickname: The alpha numberic name chosen by the User with which User has signed up to Gayz247. Gayz247 reserves the right to refuse a specified Nickname. * Rules of Conduct: the rules of conduct used by Gayz247 to which the User must comply. * Internet: a global set of linked computer networks, host computers, databases and infrastructural telecommunications facilities. * Agreement: The Agreement between Gayz247 and a User. Which is automatically entered into when creating an account. * Password: A combination of letters, numbers and/or punctuation marks to be chosen by the User to gain access to the Service. ***Article 2 / General*** These Terms and Conditions apply to the Service. Clauses which differ from the terms laid down in these conditions shall be monetary only if and to the extent that they have been concluded in consultation with Gayz247 and have been accepted by Gayz247 as such. The applicability of the User's terms and conditions are expressly rejected by Gayz247. Gayz247 has the right to change these Terms and Conditions unilaterally. Changes also apply to agreements already concluded. Changes will be announced on the site or by email. They shall enter into force 30 (30) days after such publication or at a later date indicated in the publication. ***Article 3 / Conclusion of an Agreement*** An Agreement is reached after Notification and receipt of the e-mail from Gayz247 with acceptance taking place. Gayz247 has the right to refuse a User for her moving reasons. Gayz247 is not obliged to give an explanation as to the reason for the refusal. Similarities between User and Gayz247 are indefinite. ***Article 4 / Obligations and rights of Gayz247*** Gayz247 will endeavour to provide the widest possible availability of the Service. Gayz247 allows User to use the Service within the restrictions to be specified by Gayz247, as specified in the information provided by Gayz247 and these Terms and Conditions. Gayz247 expressly does not guarantee that the Service can always be used or that the associated e-mail traffic can always be properly settled. The Service, by its very nature, is not fault-free. Conditions that may prevent the provision of the Service are: failures in the connection to the Internet, interference in the telephone network of the telecommunications provider, outages of electricity and disruptions in the Service. A failure in the Service shall be eliminated by Gayz247 insofar as it is not a failure in the telephone service of the telecommunications provider or in the equipment and/or in the software of User, or failure of electricity. Gayz247 is entitled to make changes or improvements to the Service without prior disclosure to the Users. Gayz247 reserves the right to remove or block a room without giving reasons. ***Article 5 / User obligations*** * The User's Nickname and Password are strictly personal. Therefore, the User is not permitted to allow third parties to use his Nickname and/or other rights arising from the Agreement. * The Nickname remains the property of Gayz247 after termination of the Service. * Gayz247 is authorized to change the Password and the Nickname, if necessary in the interest of the service's operation. * User will be in all respects prepared and behave in accordance with what may be expected of a responsible and careful Internet user and is obliged to comply with the applicable legal rules and the Rules of Conduct established by Gayz247 when using the Service. * In addition to the provisions of the previous paragraph, each User shall in any case refrain from: * Posting of 18+ material is allowed in an 18+ private space or on the personal page only if the photos are protected from users other than friends; * The placing of material infringing the intellectual property rights of third parties, * Insulting, stalking, inappropriately approaching and/or otherwise harassing other Users; * Approaching other Users with commercial motives, without prior permission by Gayz247 such as advertisements, lotteries, competitions, or pyramid games * Placing advertising without prior permission by space owners; * The provision of unlawful requests, including but not exclusively included chain letters, junk mail, spam and other unwanted dissemination of information, * The unerring use of the functionalities of the Service with the aim of disproportionately favouring themselves or others, * Content involving commercial activities without the prior written consent of Gayz247, otherwise punishable or unlawful. * The User is not permitted, in addition to the particular one, to use software or otherwise engage in activities which may prevent or adversely affect the provision of the Service to other Users. Gayz247 has the right to (temporarily) de-commission the Service and/or to restrict its use if the User fails to comply with an obligation to Gayz247 or violates these Terms and Conditions. Gayz247 will inform the User in advance, unless this cannot reasonably be required of Gayz247. Recommissioning may be made if the User has still fulfilled his obligations within a period set by Gayz247. Damage to Gayz247 or third parties caused by actions contrary to this article can be coured the relevant User. ***Article 6 / Intellectual property rights*** Gayz247 cannot be held liable for user infringements of third-party intellectual property rights. The User clears Gayz247 for infringements of third-party intellectual property rights. Gayz247 does not obtain an unlimited right of use on all information placed under the Service by Users on its platform and associated spaces. You are in the td. to Gayz247 that you are fully entitled to data, files and/or materials and that you are fully entitled and authorized to grant the license as referred to in these terms of use. You exempt Gayz247 from all third-party claims based on the claim that the files, data and/or materials infringe any applicable (intellectual property) rights of third parties or are otherwise unlawful against third parties and for all claims arising from your actions in violation of these terms of use. All costs incurred by Gayz247 and damages incurred in this will be reimbursed by you. By making data, files and/or materials available to Gayz247, you are in a state of care that: * You are authorized to do so in accordance with these terms of use and that you are entitled to grant Gayz247 the rights referred to in these terms of use. * The files, data and/or materials you make available are not in violation of any law, or infringe any third party rights, nor are they otherwise unlawful towards gayz247's platform or spaces, and that no consent or license is required or required of you or any third party for the use of the files on the Website; * Gayz247 will not be required to make any payment to anyone, including to persons and parties whose execution or drafts are contained in the files, data and/or materials you make available, or to the producer(s), publisher(s) or creator(s) thereof, including to collective rights organisations; * You are in excluded responsibility for all licenses, reporting and payment obligations to any third party, including but not limited to collective copyright organisations, in connection with the use of the files, data and/or materials you make available as referred to in these terms of use. ***Article 7 / Liability of Gayz247*** Gayz247 is never liable for damages suffered by User due to the shortcomings of Gayz247 in the implementation of the Agreement. Without prejudice to the provisions of the previous paragraph, Gayz247 is never liable for any damage seen by Users associated with the information posted by Users on the Gayz247 platform. User exempts Gayz247 from third-party claims for damages suffered by third parties as a result of user use of the Service and/or the Internet. This includes damage seen by third parties associated with the information posted by User on the Gayz247 platform. Gayz247 is neither responsible nor liable for the security of the data stored by the User on gayz247's systems. It is possible that the Website contains third-party applications, content and services and/or links to third-party websites ("Third Party Content"). The inclusion or presence of Third Party Content on the Website does not imply that Gayz247 has approved or verified this Content. Gayz247 is not responsible for the content and practices of Third Party Content or for any use of it by users of the Website. ***Article 8 / Duration and termination of the Agreement*** If User does not act in accordance with these terms and conditions, Gayz247 reserves the right to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect. The Agreement shall be entered into indefinitely. Cancellation of Agreement can be done by User by account termination. ***Article 9 / Final provisions*** This Agreement is heren by Dutch law. All disputes between parties resulting from this Agreement shall be referred to the competent court in Gravenhage. The invalidity of one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions by a court order shall be without prejudice to the validity of all other provisions. As a Gayz247 user, your privacy is respected and we protect this data. Gayz247 abides by the legal provisions in the WBP. (Data Protection Act) These provisions are the Dutch elaboration of the European Directives (95/46/EC)

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